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A group of users must be able to associate a time zone with a record.
You need to implement the required functionality by using native Microsoft Dynamics 365 features.
Which field type should you use?

A.    option set
B.    multiple lines of text
C.    whole number
D.    lookup

Answer: D

You are creating a set of system views.
Which three options can you configure for the views?
Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    read, write, and delete permissions
B.    append, assign, and share permissions
C.    default sort order for results
D.    the widths of each column
E.    the columns to display

Answer: CDE

You create a Publisher and add entities to a solution.
What are two outcomes of this action?
Each correct answer presents a completes ion.

A.    The name for existing custom entities that you add to a solution use the prefix that indicates the publisher.
B.    A new section dedicated to the publisher is added to the sitemap.
C.    Option sets that you create as part of the solution use the prefix that indicates the publisher.
D.    The name for custom entities that you create as part of the solution use the prefix that indicates the publisher.

Answer: CD

Which two statements are exclusive to managed solutions and not unmanaged solutions? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    You cannot export the solution.
B.    When you remove the solution, all components items included in the solution are removed.
C.    You must define entity assets for every entity that you add to the solution.
D.    You must select a publisher for the solution

Answer: AB

You export five modified system security roles from a development environment as an unmanaged solution.
You solution into a production environment.
Which of the following statements is true regarding the import of the unmanaged solution?

A.    Copies of security roles will be created automatically in the production environment.
B.    The system security roles in production will be overwritten with the settings imported from the solution.
C.    Security roles cannot be imported.
D.    The import will fail because system security roles cannot be overwritten by importing a solution.

Answer: C

Which action can you perform by using a business rule?

A.    Subtract $5.00 from a currency field.
B.    Clear a two options field.
C.    Concatenate two text fields.
D.    Add six days to a date field.

Answer: D

You create a workflow and set the scope to User (default). User A owns the workflow.
User B is making bulk changes on records that will trigger the workflow.
Which records will this workflow affect?

A.    records owned by users in the same business unit as User B
B.    records owned by User A
C.    records owned by User B
D.    records owned by either User A or User B

Answer: B

You are a subject matter expert for an insurance company.
You have a complex business method that is used for settling and releasing claims.
You need to create a process in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to assist team members with the claims settlement process.
You must limit this process to team members that have a specific security role.
What should you implement?

A.    business process flow (BPF)
B.    workflows
C.    custom actions
D.    dialogs

Answer: A

When a business process flow (BPF) enters a specific stage, you need to run a workflow.
Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Add a global workflow composition component.
B.    Select an on-demand workflow to run.
C.    Add a stage specific workflow composition component.
D.    Select a step to run.

Answer: CD

Which two of the following are valid security role permissions? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Deactivate
B.    Share
C.    Edit
D.    Append

Answer: CD

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