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Which CLI command shows the physical uplink status for a vmnic?

A.    esxcli network ip connection list
B.    esxcli network ip neighbor list
C.    esxclinetwork nic get
D.    esxcli network nic list

Answer: D

Which two partitions are used for the VMware vCenter Server Appliance embedded vPostgres database? (Choose two.)

A.    /storage/seat/
B.    /storage/netdump/
C.    /storage/db/
D.    /storage/core/

Answer: CD

A company has requested that a plan for Auto Deploy be built using VMware- recommended best practices for networking.
Which two considerations adhere to VMware-recommended networking best practices for Auto Deploy? (Choose two.)

A.    Using IPv4 as Auto Deploy willbe able to boot hosts with a legacy BIOS.
B.    Using DHCP reservations for address allocations because providing fixed IP addresses through host customization is not supported.
C.    Using VLANs on the management network as it offers increased performance while hosts are booting.
D.    Using IPv6 as Auto Deploy will be able to boot hosts with a legacy BIOS and UEFI.
E.    Using DHCP reservations for address allocations because providing fixed IP addresses through host customization is not recommended.

Answer: DE

Which three prerequisites must be in place prior to enabling secure boot for a virtual machine? (Choose three.)

A.    VirtualMachine.Config.Settings privileges
B.    an encrypted USB drive
C.    Virtual Hardware version 13 or later
D.    Virtual Hardware version 12 or later
E.    EFI firmware

Answer: ACE

Which two situations could cause a virtual machine to appear with (orphaned) appended to its name? (Choose two.)

A.    if a host failover is unsuccessful
B.    if a virtual machine was removed from vCenter Server’s inventory
C.    if avirtual machine was deployed from template, and the template has been deleted
D.    if a virtual machine is unregistered directly on the host

Answer: AD

Which iSCSI initiator type can be used with any network interface card?

A.    Software iSCSI initiator
B.    Software FCoE adapter
C.    Hardware Independent iSCSI initiator
D.    HardwareDependent iSCSI initiator

Answer: A

Which setting will allow a virtual machine to have direct secure access to an RDM?

A.    NIOC
B.    NPV
C.    NPIV
D.    CPUID Mask

Answer: C

An administrator wants to upgrade ESXi 5.5 hosts to ESXi 6.5 using Update Manager.
When performing a scan for baseline compliance, the host’s status is marked Compliant.
Which has happened?

A.    Host must be version 6.0 in order to upgrade to 6.5.
B.    Host has some third-party software installed.
C.    Host has no upgradebaseline attached.
D.    Host hardware is not supported for upgrade.

Answer: C

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