Free Materials HP0-P25 PDF Dumps With Updated Exam Questions

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-P25
Exam Name: HP-UX 11iv3 Advanced System Administration
Version: DEMO
The HP-UX 11i v3 mass storage stack has different load balancing policies available. Which policy is the default?

A.    preferred_path
B.    closest _ path

C.    least_cmd_load
D.    round robin

Answer: D

A customer is using PRM in Fair Share Scheduler mode to allocate CPU resources among several and applications. Users are complaining about poor application performance, and you think PRM is capping the CPU utilization for their application.
You use Glance to examine the WAIT TVFNTS for the applicationprocess.
What do you look for in Glance to confirm that PRM is capping the CPU utilization for the application?

A.    The primary wait event is "System".
B.    The primary wait event is "IPC"
C.    The primary wait event is "Priority".
D.    The primary wait event is "Scheduler"

Answer: D

What is the unique partitioning feature of nPars?

A.    I/O sharing in cell-based servers
B.    Electrical isolation from other partitions
C.    VM isolation in blade-based servers
D.    Storage sharing in blade-based servers

Answer: B

Which command starts the auditing capabilities of HP Standard Mode Security Extensions (SMSE)?

A.    /sbin/init .d/securemode start
B.    /sbin/init .d/trustsys start
C.    /sbin/init .d/auditing start
D.    /sbin/init.d/hpsmse start

Answer: C

Which components form part of the HP-UX OS kernel? (Select three.)

A.    UFC
B.    Power Module
C.    EFl
D.    Scheduler
E.    Process Table
F.    BCH

Answer: ACF

A customer wants a partitioning solution that has the ability to move running workloads to eliminate downtime and increase flexibility, especially for proactive maintenance and workload balancing. Which solutions provide this capability? (Select two)

A.    nPars
B.    vPars v5
C.    Integrity VM v6
D.    Integrity VM v4
E.    vPars v6

Answer: BE

A customer wants to run some jobs periodically on a database inside ot HK-UA integrity virtual machines.
At which level does the administrator need to assign rights to allow the user account to create and execute cron jobs?

A.    at the HP-UX OS level on the HP-UX Integrity VM only
B.    at the database level and at the HP-UX Integrity VM HP-UX OS level
C.    at the database level and at the HP-UX Integrity Host OS level
D.    at the HP-UX OS level on the HP-UX Integrity Host only

Answer: A

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