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Which two statements about header attacks are true?(Choose two)

A.    An attacker can use IPv6 Next Header attacks to steal user data and launch phishing attacks.
B.    An attacker can use HTTP Header attacks to launch a DoS attack.
C.    An attacker can execute a spoofing attack by populating the RH0 routing header subtype with multiple destination addresses.
D.    An attacker can leverage an HTTP response header to write malicious cookies.
E.    An attacker can leverage an HTTP response header to inject malicious code into an application layer.
F.    An attacker can use vulnerabilities in the IPv6 routing header to launch attacks at the application layer.

Answer: BC

Refer to the exhibit. Routers R1, R2, and R3 have IPv6 reachability, and R1 and R3 are able to ping each other with the IPv6 global unicast address.
However, R1 and R3 are unable to ping each other with their link-local addresses.
What is a possible reason for the problem?


A.    Link-local addresses can communicate with neighboring interfaces.
B.    Link-local addresses are forwarded by IPv6 routers using loopback interfaces.
C.    Link-local addresses can be used only with a physical interface’s local network.
D.    Multicast must be enabled to allow link-local addresses to traverse multiple hops.

Answer: C

What is the effect of the Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE. command ipv6 fragment min-mtu 1024 ?

A.    It configures the interface to fragment packets on connections with MTUs of 1024 or greater
B.    It sets the MTU to 1024 bytes for an IPv6 VLAN interface that accepts fragmented packets
C.    It configures the interface to attempt to reassemble only IPv6 fragments that are less than 1024 bytes
D.    It configures the interface to fragment packets on connections with MTUs of 1024 or less
E.    It configures the interface to attempt to reassemble only IPv6 fragments that are at least 1024 bytes

Answer: E

Which Two statement about the PCoIP protocol are true? (Choose two)

A.    It support both loss and lossless compression
B.    It is a client-rendered, multicast-codec protocol.
C.    It is available in both software and hardware.
D.    It is a TCP-based protocol.
E.    It uses a variety of codec to support different operating system.

Answer: AC

Drag and Drop Question
Drag the step in the SCEP workflow on the left into the correct order of operation on the right.




What are the two technologies that support AFT? (Choose two)

A.    NAT-PT
B.    SNAT
C.    NAT64
D.    DNAT
F.    NAT-6to4

Answer: AC

According to RFC 2577, Which two options describe drawbacks of the FTP protocol? (Choose two)

A.    If access to the FTP server is restricted by network address, the server still is susceptible to spoofing attacks.
B.    Servers that apply connection limits to protect against brute force attacks are vulnerable to DoS attacks
C.    It is susceptible to man-m-the-middle attacks
D.    An attacker can validate user names if the 331 response is in use.
E.    It is susceptible to bounce attacks on port 1024

Answer: DE

Refer to the exhibit. Which two effects of this configuration are true? (Choose two)


A.    The BGP neighbor session tears down after R1 receives 100 prefixes from the neighbor
B.    The BGP neighbor session between R1 and R2 re-establishes after 50 minutes
C.    A warning message is displayed on R2 after it receives 50 prefixes
D.    A warning message is displayed on R2 after it receives 100 prefixes from neighbor
E.    The BGP neighbor session tears down after R1 receives 200 prefixes from neighbor
F.    The BGP neighbor session between R1 and R2 re-establishes after 100 minutes

Answer: DE

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the DNS record types from the left to the matching descriptions to the right




Which two statements describe the Cisco TrustSec system correctly? (Choose two.)

A.    The Cisco TrustSec system is a partner program, where Cisco certifies third-party security products as extensions to the secure infrastructure.
B.    The Cisco TrustSec system is an approach to certifying multimedia and collaboration applications as secure.
C.    The Cisco TrustSec system is an Advanced Network Access Control System that leverages enforcement intelligence in the network infrastructure.
D.    The Cisco TrustSec system tests and certifies all products and product versions that make up the system as working together in a validated manner.

Answer: CD

Which two statement about DTLS are true ? (Choose two)

A.    Unlike TLS,DTLS support VPN connection with ASA.
B.    It is more secure that TLS.
C.    When DPD is enabled DTLS connection can automatically fall back to TLS.
D.    It overcomes the latency and bandwidth problem that can with SSL.
E.    IT come reduce packet delays and improve application performance.
F.    It support SSL VPNs without requiring an SSL tunnel.

Answer: CD

NWhich two statements about the ISO are true? (Choose two.

A.    The ISO is a government-based organization.
B.    The ISO has three membership categories: Member, Correspondent, and Subscribers.
C.    Subscriber members are individual organizations.
D.    Only member bodies have voting rights.
E.    Correspondent bodies are small countries with their own standards organization.

Answer: BD
Member bodies are national bodies considered the most representative standards body in each country. These are the only members of ISO that have voting rights.

Drag and Drop Question
Drag each SSI encryption algorithm on the left to the encryption and hashing values it uses on the right.




Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the role on the left onto their responsibility in the change-management process on the right




Refer to the exhibit, which as-path access-list regular expression should be applied on R2 as a neighbor filter list to only allow update with and origin of AS 65503?


A.    _65509.?$
B.    _65503$
C.    ^65503.*
D.    ^65503$
E.    _65503_
F.    65503

Answer: C

Which two commands would enable secure logging on Cisco ASA to a syslog server at (Choose two)

A.    logging host inside TCP/1500 secure
B.    logging host inside UDP/514 secure
C.    logging host inside TCP/1470 secure
D.    logging host inside UDP/500 secure
E.    logging host inside UDP/447 secure

Answer: AC

What feature enables extended secure access from non-secure physical location?

A.    Port security
B.    Strom control
C.    NEAT
D.    CBAC
E.    802 1x pot-based authentication

Answer: C

Which of the following best describes Chain of Evidence in the context of security forensics?

A.    Evidence is locked down, but not necessarily authenticated.
B.    Evidence is controlled and accounted for to maintain its authenticity and integrity.
C.    The general whereabouts of evidence is known.
D.    Someone knows where the evidence is and can say who had it if it is not logged.

Answer: B

What are three ways you can enforce a BCP38 policy on an internet edge policy?(choose three)

A.    Avoid RFC1918 internet addressing.
B.    Implement Cisco Express Forwarding.
C.    Implement Unicast RPF.
D.    Apply ingress filters for RFC1918 addresses.
E.    Apply ingress ACL filters for BOGON routes.
F.    Implement source NAT.

Answer: BCE

Which three addresses are special uses as defined in RFC 5735? (Choose three.)


Answer: BCE

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