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Which option is a benefit of Cisco enablement resources?

A.    the ability to create personalized "briefcases" of content
B.    a single place to find business proposals and instructor-led training
C.    access to kits of bundled content, including IOS images and more
D.    it enhances the selling process for seller and the customer

Answer: D

For which categories can collaboration between the sales professional and the customer achieve business goals?

A.    industry markets, technology innovation, and businessincentives
B.    line of business, technology innovation, and business outcomes
C.    industry markets,technology innovation, and business outcomes
D.    line of business, industry markets, and realizedbusiness value

Answer: D

Which is a benefit of using the power/influence grid to manage stakeholders?

A.    It helps sales professionals to present solutions in the right business or technical language and context.
B.    It aligns the stakeholder audience’s goals with a good business proposition.
C.    It helps move stakeholders from their current to their optimal positions.
D.    It ensures that the sales professional identifies the appropriate key performance indicators for outcomes.

Answer: C

Which are two reasons customers look for Cisco and its partners’ solutions and services? (Choose two.)

A.    To explore how technology innovation yields new revenue and lowers costs
B.    To help make a retailer aware of a restocking need while more quickly relying on human interaction
C.    To help business moreeffectively deploy, absorb, and adopt technologies
D.    To enable customers to complete marketing research as part of their investment funds
E.    To help business reduce the total cost of ownership for IT

Answer: AC

Several of the Cisco small business switches allow you to assign roles to ports depending on what device you are connecting. What is this functionality called? Select exactly 1 answer(s) from the following:

A.    CDP
C.    FindlT
D.    SmartPorts

Answer: D

Which two communications or interpersonal skills are critical for an Enterprise IT Business Specialist? (Choose two.)

A.    Ability to build relationships
B.    Ability to explain design decisions in multiple languages
C.    Ability to plan and schedule complex data migration
D.    Ability to influence others
E.    Ability to interpret financial statements

Answer: AD

What is a primary benefit of asking questions to stakeholders who do not have strong decision authority over project funding, but who do have relevant experience?

A.    It shows them that you are interested in their opinions.
B.    The more data, the better.
C.    It can find requirements or opportunities that are relevant to future discussions.
D.    It shows the decision makers you are taking the initiative to get input from people that they
might not have identified for interviews.

Answer: C

Which is a good technique to demonstrate the value of technology so that stakeholders can understand what is possible?

A.    Developing business scenarios
B.    Performing gap analysis
C.    Defining the as-is or current state of an enterprise process or operation
D.    Comparing technical features of different solutions

Answer: A

What impact on business can cloud technologies provide?

A.    Reducing travel expenses and enhancing productivity
B.    Reducing application’s response time to streamline transactions and getting better customer
and employee satisfaction
C.    Reducing project risk
D.    Improving green brand awareness

Answer: C

What method is recommended for mapping out an organization’s current processes and to design future processes?

A.    Drawing a business model diagram
B.    Querying relational databases
C.    Writing detailed descriptions
D.    Drawing hierarchical matrixes

Answer: A

Which option is the primary goal in business outcome-based selling?

A.    improving agility and the ability to deploy innovative services for end users
B.    developing and enabling new business processes, markets, and customer interactions
C.    taking advantage of new technology to increase business relevance
D.    using next-generation IT to increase service quality and reduce risk, complexity, and costs

Answer: B

Which three areas are covered by the Business Model Canvas in order to understand the customer’s business context? (Choose three.)

A.    Customer Relationships
B.    Development Plan
C.    Value Proposition
D.    Revenue Streams
E.    Key Policies
F.    Analysis

Answer: ACD

Which option describers Return on Investment (ROI)?

A.    a percentage of dividing net return from a technology solution by the cost of that technologysolution
B.    a percentage of dividing total investment from a technology solution by the costof that technology solution
C.    a percentage of dividing net return from a technology solution by the margin of that technologysolution
D.    a percentage of dividing present value from a technology solution by the cost of that technologysolution

Answer: A

Which option is a primary reason for using the Cisco Services Solution story with customers?

A.    to provide a clear way to discuss services that all customers need
B.    to raise awareness of Cisco Services relevancy to go beyond break/fix support
C.    to enhance the sales experience for an account manager
D.    to raise customer expectations of possible outcomes from larger IT investments

Answer: C

When selling business outcomes, which two key factors must be considered in relation to the achievement of the outcomes? (Choose two.)

A.    metrics and measurement
B.    project management milestones
C.    specific timeframe and milestones
D.    communication procedures

Answer: AC

Which resource can a sales person incorporate into the business outcome story?

A.    Include a detailed business strategic plan
B.    Describe the project definition.
C.    Explain technology innovations.
D.    Identify the customers’ care-abouts.

Answer: D

Which characteristic of the Cisco Internet of Everything has the most impact on business?

A.    connecting people for measuring the usage trends of services
B.    delivering the services to the right person at the right time
C.    leveraging data into more useful information for decision making
D.    having physical devices and objects connected to the internet

Answer: C

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the financial benefits on the left to the direct and indirect spaces on the right.


Which is the main outstanding reason and justification for business outcome-based sales approach?

A.    Organizations want more from their IT solutions which respect to value, time-to-market, and measurable outcomes.
B.    Organizations want to improve the chain of value based on the cost of IT solutions they provide.
C.    Organizations want to develop marketing and communicational strategies in order to sell more efficiently.
D.    Organizations want to offer a renewed portfolio in order to increase share value.

Answer: A

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the type of business case on the left to the business driver on the right.


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