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What characteristic is unique to Cisco’s intercloud solution?

A.    broad partner network
B.    includes public cloud
C.    advanced security features
D.    runs standard applications

Answer: A

Which three additional costs may arise from a subscription model and should be factored into the total cost of ownership of IT as a Service? (Choose three.)

A.    Cost of accounting and tracking
B.    Software asset and management
C.    Cost of Hardware and Software
D.    Auditing and control
E.    Chargeback and Showback
F.    It varies, depending on the technology solution or service

Answer: ABD

Which option has a major influence on how fast an enterprise can move toward a stronger use of digital business capability?

A.    skills to manage risks related to use of emerging technologies
B.    globalization of the sales force
C.    new product launches that require IT capacity
D.    competition in the industry due to end of regulations

Answer: A

When making good use of best practices or scenarios during the selling process, what is the most effective way to present these?

A.    Use cases relevant to the customer
B.    Business cases used previously
C.    Customer briefing documents
D.    Customer benefits statements

Answer: A

Which framework can give the best insight and visual flow into how a customer’s functions work together, to go from parts inventory through shipped product?

A.    business model canvas
B.    porters value chain
C.    critical success factor
D.    organization chart

Answer: B

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Which two options are reasons why effective communications is key to success? (Choose two.)

A.    It allows effective interaction between stakeholders.
B.    Can help mitigate the intrinsic risks within negotiation.
C.    It allows other strengths to create maximum impact.
D.    Can help lessen the impact of business weakness.

Answer: AD

Which consumption model provides the organization with an agreed-upon number of authorized users?

A.    Per-seat licensing
B.    Concurrent-use licensing
C.    Volume licensing
D.    Pay As You Go

Answer: A

There are approximately nineteen industry verticals. Which five are relevant to Cisco? (Choose five.)

A.    Connected Learning
B.    Connected Buildings
C.    Connected Public Safety
D.    Health Care
E.    Disaster Management
F.    Connected City
G.    Connected Utilities
H.    Connected Factory

Answer: CDFGH

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Stakeholder audiences cover a range of customers, sales professionals, and others. Which three key position groups make up important stakeholders? (Choose three.)

A.    Executives
B.    Influencers
C.    Employees
D.    Decision makers
E.    Suppliers

Answer: ACE

Which two classes of solutions enable business outcomes for the Energy/Utilities industry? (Choose two.)

A.    Advanced Routing
B.    Data Center and Virtualization
C.    Multilayer Switching
D.    Internet of Everything
E.    Remote Expert
F.    Service Provider Network Infrastructure

Answer: BD

When return on investment is expressed in a business outcomes story, which set of factors should be included?

A.    financial benefits, overall business impact, length of time to realize benefits
B.    cost savings vs. today, speed to market, time to implement
C.    financial benefits, speed to market, competitor revenue displaced
D.    cost savings, length of time to implement, number of Cisco offerings

Answer: A

How does understanding the customer’s business model holistically address the customer’s business challenge?

A.    Segmented solutions designed for their specific outcomes makes it easier for them to be more relevant to their company’s business challenges.
B.    Customers define how they want to measure success, and we work with them to turn this into metrics and a plan to achieve results.
C.    As your conversations become more focused on their business challenges and value, customers will see you as a problem solver and not just a sales person.
D.    With the comprehensive solution addressing their whole infrastructure, it is easier for customers to see value and progress, see gaps and what is next, and manage their IT investments.

Answer: D

When selling business outcomes, which two options are key points/ factors related to what the customer wants to achieve must be considered? (Choose two.)

A.    What the business priorities and strategies are.
B.    What the Critical Set of Factors and Key Performance Indicators are.
C.    What the mindset of customers is.
D.    What the business priorities and goals are.
E.    What the Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators are.

Answer: DE

According to Cisco, what is the main benefit of the Internet of Everything?

A.    discrete focus on top industries health and finance
B.    compensates for errors in business process design
C.    brings improvements to businesses and people
D.    makes better use of legacy investments

Answer: C

Which one of the following solutions enable business outcomes in the manufacturing industry?

A.    Remote Expert
B.    Advanced Routing
C.    Service Provider Network Infrastructure
D.    Plant Floor Control Network
E.    Multilayer Switching

Answer: C

Which three options are financial challenges in business outcome-based selling? (Choose three.)

A.    Competing stakeholder goals and expectations.
B.    Difficulty to determine external value.
C.    Financial resources are distributed across functional areas.
D.    Competitive analysis is often incomplete.
E.    IT adoption and implementation may have long business cycles.

Answer: ACE

Which two options are the types of costs the sales professionals should consider with the customer, in helping to position technical support and cloud based services? (Choose two.)

A.    Operational costs
B.    Real costs
C.    Hidden costs
D.    Recurring costs
E.    Perceived costs

Answer: BE

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