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Which statement about ACLs used on a Cisco WLC is true?

A.    A WLAN ACL will override an interface access-list.
B.    An interface ACL will override a WLAN ACL.
C.    A WLAN ACL will get applied first followed by an interface ACL.
D.    An interface ACL will get applied first followed by a WLAN ACL.

Answer: A

You need to open the appropriate firewall port for RLDP. Which port must you open?

A.    UDP 6352
B.    UDP 5246
C.    TCP 37540
D.    TCP 8443
E.    TCP 16113
F.    UDP 16666

Answer: A
Rogue Location Discovery Protocol (RLDP) is an active approach, which is used when rogue AP has no authentication (Open Authentication) configured. This mode, which is disabled by default, instructs an active AP to move to the rogue channel and connect to the rogue as a client. During this time, the active AP sends de-authentication messages to all connected clients and then shuts down the radio interface. Then, it associates to the rogue AP as a client. The AP then tries to obtain an IP address from the rogue AP and forwards a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packet (port 6352) that contains the local AP and rogue connection information to the controller through the rogue AP. If the controller receives this packet, the alarm is set to notify the network administrator that a rogue AP was discovered on the wired network with the RLDP feature.

What are the three fundamental properties that are provided by the antenna of an AP? (Choose three.)

A.    frequency
B.    gain
C.    dB loss
D.    polarization
E.    direction
F.    modulation

Answer: BDE
An antenna gives the wireless system three fundamental properties: gain, direction and polarization. Gain is a measure of increase in power. Gain is the amount of increase in energy that an antenna adds to a radio frequency (RF) signal. Direction is the shape of the transmission pattern. As the gain of a directional antenna increases, the angle of radiation usually decreases. This provides a greater coverage distance, but with a reduced coverage angle. The coverage area or radiation pattern is measured in degrees. These angles are measured in degrees and are called beamwidths.

Refer to the exhibit. A wireless engineer at ACME Company is troubleshooting a wireless client that is unable to associate to a WLAN. What is likely the cause of the problem?

A.    The AP CAPWAP tunnel is down, and is unable to handle any new connections.
B.    The client is providing a wrong credential for dot1x authentication.
C.    The WPA PSKs do not match.
D.    The client uses WPA, but the AP is advertising only WPA2 support.
E.    A firewall is blocking the ports that are necessary for the AP to join the WLC.

Answer: B

Why would you enable the RFC 3578 option when adding a new RADIUS authentication server to a WLC?

A.    you want to run both RADIUS and TACACS
B.    to support Disconnect and Change of Authorization
C.    to encrypt communications between the WLC and the RADIUS server
D.    to support RADIUS key wrapping

Answer: B
If you are configuring a new RADIUS authentication server, choose Enabled from the Support for RFC 3576 drop-down list to enable RFC 3576, which is an extension to the RADIUS protocol that allows dynamic changes to a user session, or choose Disabled to disable this feature. The default value is Enabled. RFC 3576 includes support for disconnecting users and changing authorizations applicable to a user session and supports disconnect and change-of-authorization (CoA) messages. Disconnect messages cause a user session to be terminated immediately where CoA messages modify session authorization attributes such as data filters.

Which two statements are true with regards to RRM? (Choose two.)

A.    RRM neighbor messages are sent at the lowest mandatory speed.
B.    RRM neighbor messages are sent on channel 1.
C.    RRM neighbor messages are sent at minimum power.
D.    RRM neighbor messages are sent over the air.
E.    RRM neighbor messages are sent every 120 sec by default.

Answer: AD

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about this output are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Unclassified traffic belongs to the traffic class default, and packets in this class are treated as FIFO.
B.    For traffic to match class1, the traffic that is being evaluated must match one of the specified criteria.
C.    For traffic to match class1, the traffic that is being evaluated must match both of the specified criteria.
D.    Unclassified traffic will be dropped because no default class is created.

Answer: B

Which data rate mode allows the transmission of both unicast and multicast packets on a Cisco AP?

A.    disabled mode
B.    enabled mode
C.    mandatory mode
D.    multicast mode
E.    supported mode

Answer: B
Explanation:http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/access_point/12-2_15_JA/configuration/guide/i12215sc/s15rf.html (configuring radio data rates)

Which statement about wireless LAN security in a Cisco Unified Wireless Network VoWLAN deployment is false?

A.    EAP-FAST, if available, is the recommended EAP type for use in VoWLAN deployments.
B.    Although LEAP is considered secure for VoWLAN handsets when correctly deployed, it is recommended that a different EAP method (FAST, PEAP, TLS) is used, if available.
C.    Dynamic WEP mitigates the security weaknesses in static WEP, making it a viable option that can be relied upon to secure a VoWLAN deployment.
D.    When using EAP authentication, the EAP-Request timeout value should be adjusted based only on the advice of the VoWLAN handset vendor.
E.    When using WPA Personal, strong keys should be used to avoid a dictionary attack.

Answer: D

Which of the following organizations certifies WLAN product compatibility and interoperability between vendors by providing certification testing?

A.    CCX
B.    ETSI
C.    FCC
D.    IEEE
E.    Wi-Fi Alliance

Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about the Cisco WCS RRM event message is true?


A.    Excessive non-802.11 interference caused the channel change.
B.    An event-driven RRM caused the channel change.
C.    A CleanAir AP detected a persistence interferer and forced an RRM channel reassignment.
D.    Two adjacent APs on the same channel caused a signal collision.

Answer: A

Which three options are valid AP modes for lightweight APS in the WLC 7.0.116 release? (Choose three.)

A.    SE-Connect
B.    WPS
C.    RAM
D.    OEAP
E.    Rogue Detector
F.    Sniffer

Answer: BCE

Which key is derived on the client supplicant and the authentication server as a result of the 802.1x/EAP authentication phase?

A.    Group Temporal Key
B.    Pairwise Transient Key
C.    Master Session Key
D.    Pairwise Master Key

Answer: C

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the Cisco WLC discovery attempt method on the left to the correct order on the right.




Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the 802.11 technology feature on the left to the related frame type and IE on the right.




Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the route type on the left to their intended usage on the right.




Drag and Drop Question




Drag and Drop Question




Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the Cisco MSE context-aware solution problem on the left to the possible reason for the failure on the right.



Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the RF performance metric on the left to the threshold that is recommended to provide good voice over wireless performance on the right.




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