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For which three functions are passive module USB ports used? (Choose three.)

A.    optical power monitoring
B.    wavelength provisioning
C.    port security
D.    lamp lighting for locating
E.    serial number for inventory
F.    cell phone charging

Answer: ADE

Which two characteristics of the NCS 2000 describe add/drop and express patch panels? (Choose two.)

A.    passive
B.    coherent
C.    modular
D.    high power

Answer: AC

How many 50 GHz channels does the 16-WXC-FS support on each port?

A.    96
B.    88
C.    80
D.    40

Answer: A

Which three models of the Cisco NCS 2000 are available from Cisco? (Choose three.)

A.    NCS 2015
B.    NCS 2010
C.    NCS 2006
D.    NCS 2004
E.    NCS 2002
F.    NCS 2001

Answer: ACE

Which three options are three primary benefits of OTN? (Choose three.)

A.    universal container supporting any service type
B.    ease of operation
C.    standard multiplexing hierarchy
D.    simplified network design
E.    forward error correction
F.    cyclic redundancy check

Answer: ACE

What does the Functional View show in Cisco Transport Controller?

A.    power levels of each wavelength
B.    slot assignments of line cards in the chassis
C.    fiber interconnections between cards and nodes
D.    wavelength routing through the network

Answer: C

Colorless add/drop eliminates physical port dependency for which wavelength characteristic?

A.    bit rate
B.    direction
C.    protocol
D.    frequency

Answer: D

Which two options are the two basic building blocks of the mesh patch panel? (Choose two.)

A.    MF-MOD-DEG-5
B.    MF-1×16-COFS
C.    MF-4×4-COFS
D.    MF-MOD-UPG-4

Answer: AD

Which technology allows 100G transponders to accept multiple wavelengths at their input, without requiring demultiplexing of the composite signal?

A.    QPSK modulation
B.    forward error correction
C.    coherent reception
D.    dual polarization modulation

Answer: C

In a mesh ROADM node, how many degrees is an omnidirectional add/drop unit accessible from?

A.    1 degree
B.    4 degrees
C.    16 degrees
D.    all degrees
E.    multidegrees

Answer: D

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