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Whatis required when including an NVIDIA Quadro K5200 graphics card with an HP Z440 workstation?

A.    HP Z440 silent liquid cooling upgrade kit
B.    USB 3.0 internal port access kit
C.    Windows 8.1 Professional 32-bit edition
D.    HP 2440 fan and front card guide kit

Answer: D

Which phrase best describes the HP Z440 workstation?

A.    the highest performance available in a single-processor personal workstation
B.    highest performance silent liquid cooled workstation
C.    the highest performance available in the dual-processor personal workstation
D.    the most configurable and expandable high performance workstation

Answer: A
(See the Page #02, Line #01).

Which new feature does the HP Z230 tower workstation have?

A.    more expansion slots for improved extensibility
B.    dual entry 3D graphics, driving up to four independent displays for 3D apps
C.    optional dual-processor support for high performance computing
D.    Thunderbolt technology for high performance device communication

Answer: A
(See the Page #02, 3rdHeading, 2ndParagraph).

Where are the two USB 2.0 ports on an HP Z440 workstation?

A.    on the rear edge of the keyboard next to the USB cable
B.    on the rear panel above the four USB 3.0 ports
C.    on the front panel underneath the USB 3.0 charging port
D.    on the front panel underneath the two USB 3.0 ports

Answer: B

How many logical cores per processor does an HP Z440 workstation have?

A.    Up to 8
B.    Up to 16
C.    Up to 36
D.    Up to 72

Answer: A
(See the Page #01, 1stParagraph).

Which statement best describes the target customer for HP Z230 workstations?

A.    Business professionals who need basic processing power
B.    Any professional who needs an affordable, reliable, and flexible entry-level workstation
C.    Students and professionals who need portability and power at the same time
D.    Sales representatives delivering PowerPoint presentations

Answer: B

Which products make up the current family of HP Desktop 2 Workstations?

A.    HP 2230, HP 2440, HP 2640, and HP 2840 Desktop 2 Workstations
B.    HP Z230, HP Z420, HP 2640, and HP 2840 Desktop 2 Workstations
C.    HP Z230, HP Z640, HP Z820, and HP Z840 Desktop Z Workstations
D.    HP 2440, HP 2640, HP 2660, and HP 2840 Desktop 2 Workstations

Answer: A

Which statement is true about the HP Z230 workstation?

A.    It is the replacement for the HP Z200 workbook.
B.    It is a low cost, dual-socket, entry-level workstation in an ultra-compact package.
C.    It is a single socket entry-level workstation in an ultra-compact package.
D.    It is HP’s smallest and most compact desktop ever produced.

Answer: B

What can cause limitations in memory capacities of HP Z Desktop workstation?

A.    ToomanyDIMMsin the memory channels
B.    Useof Windows 32-bit operating systems
C.    Useof Windows 64-bit operating systems
D.    Varyingsized DIMMS installed

Answer: B

What are the two power supply options for HP Z440 workstations?

A.    100W 99% efficient or 200W 70% efficient
B.    1225W 99% efficient or 1500W 70% efficient
C.    525W 85% efficient or 700W 90% efficient
D.    225W 85% efficient or 500@ 90% efficient

Answer: C

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