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A centralized DHCP server has been setup for customer use. What command is required on the customer Switched Virtual Interface (SVI) to allow clients to receive addresses from this server?

A.    switch(config-if)#ip helper-address
B.    switch(config)#ip helper-address
C.    switch(config-if)#ip dhcp-address
D.    switch(config-if)#ip dhcp-gateway
E.    switch(config-if)#helper-address

Answer: A

What are three features present on both ICMPv4 and ICMPv6? (Choose three.)

A.    Connectivity tests
B.    Address assignment
C.    Information error messaging
D.    Address resolution
E.    Mobile IPv4 support
F.    Multicast group management
G.    Mobile IPv6 support
H.    Fragmentation needed notification

Answer: ACH

A network administrator issues the who command on a Cisco router, which takes longer than usual to display the results. Which two commands can be used to speed up the process? (Choose two.)

A.    nslookup
B.    no ip-domain lookup
C.    ip name-server
D.    ipconfig /all
E.    ifconfig

Answer: BC

A network engineer has configured an interface with various commands including the no shutdown command on an IOS-XR device. Both sides of the interface have been validated and the cable has been tested. Which command does the network engineer need to input?

A.    switch#copy running-configuration startup-configuration
B.    switch#commit config
C.    (config)#commit
D.    switch(config)#commit config
E.    switch#write memory

Answer: C

A Passive Optical Network is a point-to-multipoint FTTx network architecture that relies on which of the following?

A.    Electrically powered optical splitters
B.    Unpowered optical splitter
C.    Customer optical network terminal
D.    Network interface controller

Answer: B

Which two commands can be used to enable LACP when configuring the interfaces for a 40 gigabit etherchannel? (Choose two.)

A.    switch (config-if)# channel-group 1 mode active
B.    switch (config-if)# channel-group 1 mode auto
C.    switch (config-if)# channel-group 1 mode desirable
D.    switch (config-if)# channel-group 1 mode passive
E.    switch (config-if)# channel-group 1 mode LACP

Answer: AD

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the configurations shown, why is the serial link in up/down status?

A.    Mismatch hostnames
B.    Passwords are in plain text
C.    Mismatch of authentication type
D.    Wrong configuration mode for command input

Answer: C

What is a the best way to secure the route processor on a Cisco device?

A.    Route processor traffic control
B.    Control plane quality of service
C.    Control plane policing
D.    Access lists

Answer: C

Which best describes the relationship between user groups and task groups?

A.    User groups include task ID’s that are nested task groups.
B.    Groups can be nested within other groups.
C.    Tasks groups are not related to user groups.
D.    Task groups are assigned to user groups to established privileged levels.

Answer: D

What is the Cisco IOS command that is used to prevent the route of the incoming traffic from an unknown network?

A.    Interface FastEthernet 0/0ip verify unicast source reachable-via any allow-default
B.    Interface FastEthernet 0/0ip verify multicast source reachable-via any allow-default
C.    Interface FastEthernet 0/0ip verify unicast destination reachable-via any allow-default
D.    Interface FastEthernet 0/0ip verify multicast destination reachable-via any allow-default

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is setting up a new core router to be a secondary NTP server. What command would need to be added to NTP Client configuration shown?

A.    NTP server preferNTP server
B.    NTP server server secondary
C.    NTP server preferNTP server backup
D.    NTP server server prefer

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. A new policy requires all configurations to be saved to flash and backed up to a TFTP server based off the hostname at 12:05am every day. Based upon the configuration, which two commands are required to accomplish this? (Choose two.)

A.    kron occurrence daily-config-backup at 0:05 recurringpolicy-list backup-config
B.    kron occurrence daily-config-backup at 12:05 recurringpolicy-list backup-config
C.    kron policy-list backup-configcli write memorycli show running-config| redirect
D.    kron policy-list backup-configcli write memorycli show running-config| redirect

Answer: AC

What is the measurement of the Cisco IP SLA Operation ICMP Pather Jitter?

A.    Measures delay and jitter on networks utilizing UDP traffic
B.    Measures packet loss, jitter, and delay per hop in IP networks
C.    Measures round-trip delay only in UDP traffic networks
D.    Measures IP networks-only round-trip delay

Answer: B

Which two commands are required to enter enable mode on a console port without entering a password? (Choose two.)

A.    Privilege 15
B.    Input SSH
C.    Line VTY 0 4
D.    No login
E.    Privilege 0

Answer: AD

What is the Cisco recommended way to secure SNMPv2 community strings?

A.    Configure complex community string names and avoid using default settings
B.    Create multiple read/write strings to keep the attacker guessing
C.    Use access-lists to limit the amount of access to the community strings
D.    Use SNMPv3 to limit the amount of memory overhead

Answer: C

What is the Cisco IOS command to export IPv6 flows to Collector

A.    Switch(config)#ipv6 flow-export destination 9996
B.    Switch(config)#ip flow-export destination 9996
C.    Switch(config)#ip flow-export destination
D.    Switch(config)#ip flow-export destination fe08::0ABC:1 9996

Answer: A

Which layer of the OSI Model does Label Distribution Protocol operate at?

A.    Data Link
B.    Transport
C.    Application
D.    Presentation
E.    Session
F.    Network

Answer: A

A network engineer has been provided subnet What is the last usable IP address in this network and what is the subnet mask?

A. and
B. and
C. and
D. and
E. and

Answer: A

On Switch 5, which command would configure VLAN 5 as root?

A.    switch5#spanning-tree vlan 5 priority 0
B.    switch5(config)#spanning-tree vlan 5 priority 61440
C.    switch5(config)#spanning-tree vlan 5 root
D.    switch5(config)#spanning-tree vlan 5 priority 0
E.    switch5(config-if)#spanning-tree rootguard

Answer: D

Which EIGRP feature in IOS, IOS-XE, and IOS-XR will prevent the EIGRP process from automatically forming a neighbor adjacency?

A.    Access-lists
B.    Link speed and duplex
C.    MTU Size
D.    Passive interface
E.    Bandwidth and delay

Answer: D

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