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You consider using RPL in a new loT environment. Which definition of a DIO is true?

A.    A DIO is an ICMPv6 RPL control message whose main function is to perform DODAG secure message counters
B.    A DIO is an ICMPv4 RPL control message whose main function is to perform DODAG discovery, formation, and maintenance
C.    A DIO is an ICMPv6 RPL control message whose main function is to perform DODAG discovery, formation, and maintenance
D.    A DIO is an ICMPv4 RPL control message whose main function is to propagate destination information in a RPL network

Answer: C

Which Cisco Unity Connection call handler greeting, when enabled overrides all other greetings?

A.    Closed
B.    Holiday
C.    Alternate
D.    Internal
E.    Busy

Answer: C

Which two steps are valid to use when deploying a new identity process to Cisco Unified Communications Manger subscribers? (Choose two)

A.    Mount the floppy disk image with the configuration file from the AFG
B.    Import the subscriber virtual, machines with the appropriate OVA template
C.    Run the command utils set-import on the template VM.
D.    Perform a skip install
E.    Mount the Cisco Unified Communications Manager ISO file.

Answer: AD

A Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express Manager wants to add database integration to self – service interactive voice response application. Which four types of licensing and database servers support this requirement? (Choose four)

A.    Oracle Database Service
B.    UCCX Standard License
C.    UCCX Enhanced License
D.    Microsoft SQL Server
E.    UCCX Premium License
F.    SAP SQL Server
G.    Sybase Adaptive
H.    Postgress SQL Server

Answer: ADEG

An engineer is troubleshooting Cisco Jabber Federation where the server cannot discover the external Lync domains using SRV records.
Which two steps resolve this problem? (Choose two)?

A.    Configure the port number as 5065.
B.    Configure the destination pattern as "lyncdomainname.com".
C.    Set the Next Hop value as the IP address of the Microsoft Lync Server.
D.    Configure the destination pattern as ".com.lyncdomainname*"
E.    Configure the port number as 5060.
F.    Set the protocol to TLS.
G.    Set the Next Hop value as the IP address of the Lync Domain servers.
H.    Set the protocol to TCP.

Answer: FG

Which four Cisco Unified CM components can request media resource deallocation? (Choose four)

A.    call dependency call control
B.    unicast bridge control
C.    device manager
D.    music on hold control
E.    line control
F.    matrix control
G.    call control
H.    trusted relay point

Answer: ABDH

Refer to the exhibit. Site A and site B have a 3-hour time difference. An administrator has time-of-day routing configured at site A and site B for all incoming calls to the main phone number, DN 8000. Two hunt pilots with the same DN are configured with the time periods of site A and B. Which Statement about the incoming calls is true?

A.    Incoming calls to hunt pilot 8000 on Wednesday after 1500 PST are answered by the site B IP phone.
B.    Incoming calls to hunt pilot 8000 on Saturday are answered by the site A IP phone.
C.    Incoming calls to hunt pilot 8000 on Saturday after 17:00 PST are answered by the site A and site B IP phones.
D.    Incoming calls to hunt pilot 8000 on Sunday are answered by the site B IP phone

Answer: A

What setting is required to play personal recordings during standard, closed and holiday hours?

A.    Enable standard, alternate and error greetings
B.    Enable holiday, closed and standard greetings
C.    Enable holiday, closed, error and standard greetings
D.    Enable standard and error greetings
E.    Enable holiday, closed, standard, alternate and error greetings

Answer: C

A network engineer is testing a new SIP deployment and sees this message.
Which two situations cause a cancel message?

A.    The called device did not have call forward setting
B.    SIP session timer header is too small
C.    SIP Min-SE timer header is set to small
D.    SIP Refresher header is set to UAS instead of UAC
E.    Calling user terminated the call

Answer: AE

A CUCM administrator has configured a Cisco IOS CFB using a Cisco 2921 router and encounters an issue.
What is the root cause?

A.    The CFB sent the registration message twice
B.    The CFB protocol version is not compatible with this CUCM version
C.    CUCM has not received the first keepalive message from CFB
D.    Device type in CUCM does not match the one configured on Cisco IOS
E.    CUBE_CFB name was entered incorrectly in CUCM database

Answer: D

A UCCX engineer is configuring a script that allows the clients to listen to audio based on a holiday schedule. Which step allows the script to play prompts from an external VXML application?

A.    Voice browser step
B.    Play prompt step
C.    Generic recognition step
D.    Call subflow step

Answer: A

A UCCX manager is monitoring several groups and has added a new team for the finance department. The manager can monitor all team members except those that have just been added in the finance department.
Which UCCX administration steps can resolve the issue?

A.    Wizards> RmCm Wizards > Modify existing service queue
B.    Subsystem> RmCm> Resources
C.    Subsystem> RmCm> Contact service queue
D.    Subsystem> Team> Assign supervisor and contact service queue
E.    Tools> User management> Agent capability view

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Customer is planning to deploy a clustering over the WAN UCM topology with 2 subscribers at site 1 and 2 subscribers at site 2.
How much bandwidth would be required between site 1 and site 2 to for database replication?

A.    1.544 Mbps
B.    3.088 Mbps
C.    4.632 Mbps
D.    6.176 Mbps
E.    7.772 Mbps

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Cisco VoIP administrator is configuring CUE VoiceView Express for end users and they are not able to manage their voice message from the Cisco IP phone. Which two configuration commands are required? (Choose two).

A.    url information
B.    url services
C.    url authentication
D.    url messages http;//
E.    url services

Answer: BC

Refer to the exhibit. Network administrator is implementing SIP trunk digest authentication.
After making outbound tests, the calls are failing with 503 service unavailable error from the router after being challenged. Which set of commands on the router fix this problem?

A.    sip-ua
Registrar ipv4: expires 3600
Authentication cisco realm MD5 LabCluster1
B.    sip-ua
Authentication username cisco password 7 cisco realm LabCluster1
C.    Voice service voip
Authenticate digest MD5 LabCluster1
D.    Voice service voip
Authenticate digest LabCluster1 MD5

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Which call status is this SIP message indicating?

A.    Caller is in conference using MUTE
B.    Caller is being call forwarded
C.    Caller is on hold
D.    Caller is transferred to voicemail
E.    Caller is hearing ring back

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. The common device configuration has been assigned to an IPv4 only phone. Which statement describes what happens when the phone attempts to register with Cisco unified Communications manager?
A.    The IP phone displays the message `registration rejected’ because it cannot support IPv6
B.    The IP phone invokes MTP to translate from ipv4 to IPv6
C.    The IP phone ignores the settings and registers with the ipv4 address
D.    The IP phone uses SLAAC to acquire an IPv6 address and override the limitation

Answer: A

Which method does a Cisco unified 9971 Phone use to send keep-alive messages to Cisco unified Communications manager?

A.    Sccp StationServerReq
B.    SIP Notify with events set to keep-alive
C.    SIP register with expires set to zero
D.    Sccp stationregister
E.    SIP options

Answer: C

The UCM 9.0 publisher server in a five node cluster failed to boot after a power outage.
Which 4 configuration modifications could still be made on the remaining notes?

A.    Device security profile
B.    Device mobility
C.    Busy Trigger
D.    Add a new DN
E.    PIN Reset
F.    Extension mobility login
G.    Message waiting indication
H.    Call forward all

Answer: BFGH

Refer to the exhibit. What is the preferred audio codec for all calls between different regions?

A.    iLBC codec
B.    G711ulaw codec
C.    iSAC codec
D.    low loss configured codec

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Which two commands, when configured on a PPP multilink interface allow a fragment size of 160 bytes? (Choose two).

A.    bandwidth 128
B.    ppp multilink fragment-delay 40
C.    ppp multilink fragment-delay 15
D.    bandwidth 384
E.    ppp multilink fragment-delay 10
F.    bandwidth 512
G.    ppp multilink fragment-delay 20
H.    bandwidth 768

Answer: AE

A client wants to play and compose voice messages from Microsoft Outlook.
What is required for this functionality?

A.    single inbox synchronisation with send and draft messages
B.    single inbox with ViewMail
C.    single inbox with mailboxes larger than 2 GB
D.    single inbox user message delivery with folder deletion

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. A VoIP engineer must configure QoS for the switch ports. Which two set of commands configure switch port to remap every incoming packet aside from the default QoS? (Choose two).

A.    FastEthernet 0/20
No mls qos trust device cisco-phone
B.    FastEthernet 0/20
No mls qos trust cos
C.    FastEthernet 0/20
mls qos cos 3
D.    FastEthernet 0/20
Mls qos cos override
E.    FastEthernet 0/20
No switchport priority extend trust
F.    FastEthernet 0/20
Switchport priority extend cos

Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit. A n engineer is working with globalization and has these requirements,
– The ANI to be presented in the E.164 format to the phone on Cisco unified Communications manager
– Allow redialling from the call history without manually manipulating the digit string
Which three configuration steps in Cisco unified Communications manager are needed to meet this requirement? (Choose three).

A.    set the prefix digits with 0 and calling number type subscriber
B.    set the calling party transformation pattern with \+4940.! And discard digits PreAt
C.    set the calling party transformation pattern with \+4940.! And discard digits PreDot
D.    set the subscriber number prefix with +4940
E.    set the prefix digits with 0 and calling number type national
F.    set the national number prefix with +4940

Answer: ACD

A voice engineer is trying to configure CUCM to satisfy the following customer codec requirements.
– All IP phones should use audio codec at less than 10K bandwidth and maintain voice quality
– The IP phone audio codec selected should be optimized for speech and music
– The audio codec should be used in outbound SIP early offer signalling
Which configuration best satisfy the requirement?


Answer: C

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