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A company asks for a real-time sales report to analyze Revenue by Customer Group, by Sales Organization, by Product that allows for navigation to sales order line items.
What reports can provide this information?(Choose two)

A.    Drilldown report based on line items for Costing-Based Profitability Analysis.
B.    Drilldown Basic Report for Profit Center Accounting.
C.    Drilldown Basic Report for Account-Based Profitability Analysis.
D.    Form Report for Profit Center Accounting.

Answer: AC

Which postings can be triggered by the settlement of a production order?(Choose three)

A.    Variance categories to profit centers.
B.    Work in Process (WIP) to FI.
C.    Variance categories to profitability analysis.
D.    Balance of the production order to FI.
E.    Work in Process (WIP) to profitability analysis.

Answer: BCD

Which of the following statements regarding the SAP NetWeaver platform are correct?(Choose two)

A.    SAP NetWeaver can power both SAP and non-SAP solutions
B.    SAP NetWeaver’s predefined IT Scenarios describe the allocation of functionality to either the ABAP or Java stack for execution
C.    SAP NetWeaver is an application platform that serves as the foundation for integrating
solutions on several different levels
D.    SAP NetWeaver enables process integration through modules such as Business Intelligence
and Knowledge Management

Answer: AC

Which of the following fields are required to create a cost center in management accounting (CO)?(Choose two)

A.    User responsible
B.    Hierarchy area
C.    Description
D.    Company code

Answer: BD

What are the prerequisites to calculate overhead costs on an internal order?(Choose two)

A.    Assign the costing sheet to the costing variant.
B.    Define an overhead key.
C.    Define a costing sheet.
D.    Assign the costing sheet in the order master data.

Answer: CD

Identify the steps in the ASAP methodology. (Select five)

A.    Roll out
B.    Realization
C.    Final Preparation
D.    Project Preparation
E.    Business Blueprint
F.    Go live & Support

Answer: BCDEF

A customer asks you to explain the category price variances received on production orders.
What could be the reason for price variances?(Choose two)

A.    The activity types were consumed from different cost centers.
B.    The master data of the consumed materials is V price indicated.
C.    The valuation variants of the cost estimate and the production order are different.
D.    The respective routing has changed.

Answer: BC

Your New GL customer uses real-time reconciliation of CO and FI.
The customer wants to show the value flow of activity allocations between cost centers assigned to different profit centers.
What does the customer have to configure?(Choose two)

A.    Execute the periodic transfer to profit center accounting.
B.    Define a G/L reconciliation account for direct activity allocation.
C.    Select profit center as a characteristic for real time reconciliation between CO and FI.
D.    Carry out a reconciliation run for activities types in the new GL.

Answer: BC

In January, you posted a headcount of 10 employees as an actual statistical key figure on a cost center.
The key figure is defined as fixed value.
In July, the headcount is reduced to 8 employees for the rest of the year.
What headcount do you have to post?

A.    -2 in each period July to December.
B.    -2 in period July.
C.    8 in each period July to December.
D.    8 in period July.

Answer: D

The management of an international company perceives the implementation of SAP ECC 6.0 with the New General Ledger Accounting as an opportunity to standardize their global processesand still be in compliance with statutory local reporting.
What are some of the key design decisions that support their global requirements?(Choose three)

A.    They should design one leading ledger and one non-leading ledger to capture parallel
accounting reporting requirements.
B.    They should adopt a master data governance strategy to globally enhance the integrity of
master data.
C.    They should use one global controlling area and assign the credit control areas to the
controlling area.
D.    They should define multiple controlling areas and assign company codes to the controlling
E.    They should use one standard global chart of accounts and one global controlling area and
assign the company codes to the controlling area.

Answer: ABE

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