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Which is the typical sequence of steps in an ASAP roadmap?

A.    • Business Blueprint
• Project Preparation
• Final Preparation
• Realization
• Go Live Support
B.    • Project Preparation
• Business Blueprint
• Realization
• Final Preparation
• Go Live Support
C.    • Project Preparation
• Final preparation
• Business Blueprint
• Realization
• Go Live Support
D.    • Project Preparation
• Realization
• Business Blueprint
• Final Preparation
• Go Live Support

Answer: B

You are setting up a time management process where all times are recorded. You want to allow the administrator to maintain alternate work schedules. Which method would you choose?

A.    Positive time management with the addition of IT2004 (Availability)
B.    Negative time management with the addition of IT2004 (Availability)
C.    Negative time management with the addition of IT2003 (Substitutions)
D.    Positive time management with the addition of IT2003 (Substitutions)

Answer: D

You want to provide a real-time report on personnel data. Which reporting tools would you use to create this report? (Choose two)

A.    Report Writer
B.    SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse
C.    Ad Hoc Query
D.    SAP Query

Answer: CD

Where do you find all the fields that can be used for decisions in a feature such as PINCH or ABKRS?

A.    In the Documentation
B.    In the Country Assignment
C.    In the Administrative Data
D.    In the Structure

Answer: D

What is the purpose of the organizational key on infotype 0001 (Organizational Assignment)? (Choose two)

A.    It can be a key field for a Customizing table.
B.    It displays the dotted-line reporting relationship.
C.    It can function as additional selection criteria on standard reports.
D.    It stores values for additional authorization checks.

Answer: CD

Standard SAP ERP Organizational Management integrates with which of the following areas? (Choose two)

A.    Workflow
B.    Plant Maintenance
C.    Project Systems
D.    Sales and Distribution
E.    Controlling

Answer: AE

You are running a hiring action. Integration is active between Personnel Administration (PA) and Organizational Management (OM). As a result of this integration, which fields on IT0001 Organizational Assignment cannot be maintained directly? (Choose three)

A.    Position
B.    Personnel Area
C.    Cost Center
D.    Job Key
E.    Organizational Unit
F.    Company 1

Answer: CDE

You want a report that shows the relationship between a legal entity and a person and includes their organizational unit and position. Which evaluation path would return the appropriate data using standard relationships?

A.    S -> P P -> OR O -> S O -> O OR -> OR
B.    P -> OR O -> S OR -> OR O -> P O -> O
C.    OR -> O O -> S S -> P O -> O OR -> OR
D.    OR -> P P -> O O -> S O -> O OR -> OR

Answer: C

Which of the following functions of the Employee Subgroup Grouping for Personnel Calculation Rules?

A.    Determines permissible time quota types
B.    Determines permissible wage types
C.    Determines the valid pay scale group and level
D.    Determines the correct processing steps in payroll

Answer: D

How do you link an employee’s external time management system ID to a SAP personnel number?

A.    Assign identical numbers in the external time management system and in IT0031 (Reference Personnel Numbers).
B.    Create IT0050 (Time Recording) with the external time management system ID.
C.    Store the external time management system ID in the field SACHZ on IT0001 (Organizational Assignment).
D.    Create IT0105 (Communication) with the external time management system ID.

Answer: B

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