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You want to convert purchase requisitions into follow-on documents as easily as possible. What must have been completed successfully in the purchase requisition before you can do this?

A.    Source determination
B.    Price determination
C.    Message determination
D.    Partner determination

Answer: A

In Logistics Invoice Verification, from where does the system determine the terms of payment for invoices without a purchase order reference?

A.    From the last invoice for the vendor.
B.    From the purchasing data in the vendor master record.
C.    From the accounting data in the vendor master record.
D.    From the first entry in the Customizing table for terms of payment.

Answer: C

What advantage does the collective number have in requests for quotations?

A.    The collective number makes it easier to select documents for message output of requests for quotations.
B.    The collective number makes it easier to select documents for generating info records from quotations.
C.    The collective number makes it easier to select quotation documents for the price comparison.
D.    The collective number makes it easier to select documents for generating source list entries from quotations.

Answer: C

Which two options can you define in Customizing for Logistics Invoice Verification to manage unplanned delivery costs for invoice receipts? (Choose two.)

A.    The unplanned delivery costs are to be posted to a price difference account.
B.    The unplanned delivery costs are to be posted to a separate G/L account for unplanned delivery costs.
C.    The unplanned delivery costs are to be split across the invoice items.
D.    The unplanned delivery costs are to be posted to a specific cost center.

Answer: BC

What does the document type control when an invoice is entered? (Choose two.)

A.    The number assignment (number range interval) for the invoice document
B.    The number assignment (number range interval) for the accounting document
C.    Whether the invoice is posted as gross or net
D.    Whether the invoice is blocked for payment when posted

Answer: BC

Which of the following statements about SAP Solution Manager is correct?

A.    SAP Solution Manager is a standalone system that communicates with the systems in the system landscape.
B.    SAP Solution Manager is installed as a component of each of your existing landscapes.
C.    SAP Solution Manager is used only for implementing your application.
D.    SAP Solution Manager is an add-on industry solution.

Answer: A

You change the price for the current validity period in an info record. There are still two purchase orders for this material that are open for delivery from the relevant vendor. What happens when the price is changed in the info record?

A.    The moving average price of the material is recalculated.
B.    The new price is immediately proposed for all new purchase orders created for the relevant material with the respective vendor.
C.    The PO price in the purchase orders that are still open is automatically changed to the new price.
D.    Invoice verification automatically receives a message about the price change made.

Answer: B

For which of the following transactions can the source of supply be determined automatically? (Choose two.)

A.    Create reservation
B.    Create purchase order, vendor known
C.    Create purchase order, vendor unknown
D.    Create purchase requisition
E.    Automatic purchase order generation for goods receipt

Answer: CD

How can blocked purchase requisitions be released? (Choose two.)

A.    Manually, using individual release
B.    Manually, using the "Change Purchase Requisition" transaction
C.    Manually, using collective release
D.    Automatically, when purchase requisitions are converted into purchase orders

Answer: AC

You post a valuated goods receipt for a purchase order. The material has a material master record and a material type for which quantity and value are updated. The purchase order item has the account assignment category K (= cost center). After the posting, you check the accounting document. To which G/L accounts were the postings made? (Choose two.)

A.    GR/IR clearing account
B.    Consumption account
C.    Stock account
D.    Price difference account

Answer: AB

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