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What are the consequences when you change the payer at header level in a sales order? (Choose two)

A.    Any additional sales order items are given the payment terms for the new payer.
B.    The partner function "Payer" is changed in the sold-to customer master.
C.    Receivables resulting from the sales order are posted to the new payer.
D.    The billing document (invoice) is automatically sent to the new payer.

Answer: AC

What is the purpose of the moving price or standard price on the Accounting view in the material master? (Choose two)

A.    To define the value that is used when posting the receivables for a customer ordering this material
B.    To determine the value that is used for the accounting document when posting goods issue
C.    To display statistical information for the costs in the pricing environment of a sales order
D.    To define the sales price that is used when selling this material to a customer

Answer: BC

Which of the following statements regarding condition records are correct? (Choose three)

A.    A lower and upper limit can be defined for each condition record.
B.    The scale basis can be structured based on value, quantity or other parameters.
C.    Condition records can be maintained for all condition types that have an access sequence assigned to them.
D.    Changing a condition within the sales order that was determined automatically by the system leads to an update of the respective condition record master data.
E.    The number of scale levels within condition records is limited to a maximum of five.

Answer: ABC

Which of the following statements regarding the function of distribution channels is correct?

A.    A distribution channel has its own address.
B.    The maintenance of distribution channels is optional and is not necessary for single- level enterprise structures.
C.    The distribution channel can be used to distinguish material master data used during sales order processing.
D.    Each shipping point requires its own distribution channel.

Answer: C

Assigning sales organizations to company codes builds integration between SD and FI.
Which of the following statements regarding the assignment of sales organizations to company codes are correct? (Choose two)

A.    Sales organizations are assigned to company codes indirectly using the sales area.
B.    Several sales organizations can be assigned to one company code.
C.    Each sales organization is assigned to just one company code.
D.    A sales organization can be assigned to several company codes.

Answer: BC

Which of the following statements regarding the organizational assignment of plants are correct? (Choose three)

A.    Several plants can be assigned to one company code.
B.    A plant can be assigned to multiple company codes.
C.    A plant must be assigned to at least one combination of sales organization and distribution channel so that it can be used as a delivering plant.
D.    Delivering plants must be assigned to the same company code as the sales organization.
E.    Each plant can be assigned to just one company code.

Answer: ACE

Which of the following criteria influence the shipping point determination in the sales document? (Choose three)

A.    Plant
B.    Storage condition
C.    Loading group
D.    Shipping condition
E.    Division

Answer: ACD

You are using customer hierarchies. The discount HI01 should be based on the values maintained on the different nodes of a customer hierarchy.
Which option allows you to integrate this discount into your pricing strategy?

A.    Setting the hierarchy flag within the condition record of HI01 for the main node.
This allows the maintenance and automatic determination of discounts based on different sub- level nodes of a customer hierarchy.
B.    Implementing a pricing procedure that contains the condition type HI01 several times according to the number of levels of your customer hierarchy.
You also need to set a priority within the pricing procedure.
C.    Assigning an access sequence to the condition type HI01 consisting of multiple accesses using the same condition table.
During each access, a different node is filled as the document field in the source field HIENR.
D.    Setting condition type HI01 as a structure condition.
You can maintain records based on this condition for the different hierarchy nodes.
These will then be found automatically by the system.

Answer: C

Your sales representative wants to enter a discount that should only be entered manually within the pricing screen of a sales order in addition to the conditions that were automatically determined.
In which of the following ways do you implement this business requirement? (Choose two)

A.    Ensure that the condition type exists in the pricing procedure used in the sales order.
B.    Mark the condition type within the pricing procedure as a manual condition.
C.    Assign an access sequence to the condition type.
D.    Maintain a condition record for the discount that should be entered manually.

Answer: AB

What elements are necessary to determine the pricing procedure in a sales document? (Choose three)

A.    Document pricing procedure of the sales document type
B.    Customer pricing procedure from the customer master
C.    Condition master data
D.    Sales area
E.    Account assignment group from the customer master

Answer: ABD

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