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You are asked to reduce broadcast traffic within the switching domain.
You want VLAN broadcast traffic to only go to switches that have VLAN members connected to the network.
How would you accomplish this task?

A.    storm control on all of the switches in the network
B.    configure multiple VLAN registration protocol [MVRP] on all trunk ports in the network
C.    use the set vlans<vlan name>vlan prune command for all configured VLANs
D.    Use the set protocols igmp-snooping vlan all immediate-leave command

Answer: B

You installed redundant power supplies of different capacities into your EX switch. In this scenario, which statement is true?

A.    The POE power budget is based on the number of ports on the switch
B.    The POE power budget is based on the combined wattage of both power supplies
C.    The POE power budget is based on the wattage of the lower capacity power supply
D.    The POE power budget is based on the wattage of the higher capacity power supply.

Answer: C

Which two statements about OSPF external metrics are correct? (Choose two)

A.    Type 2 external metrics take the precedence when both metrics are present for a particular destination
B.    Type 2 external metrics use only the external cost to the destination and ignore the cost to reach the ASBR
C.    When both type 1 and type 2 external paths are available, the paths with the smallest advertise metrics are preferred
D.    Type 1 external metrics equal the external cost to the external cost to the destination plus the internal cost to reach the ASBR

Answer: BD

Which two statements is true regarding the MED attribute? (Choose two|

A.    it is not passed across multiple autonomous systems
B.    the highest value is preferred
C.    it is passed across multiple autonomous system
D.    the lowest value is preferred

Answer: AD

Company A, recently acquired company
B. Both network are running multi-area OSPF. You added a new physical question between the locations. You are able to reach both Area 0 networks from Area 10, but you are having connectivity problems between router A1 and router B1 Referring to the exhibit, what must you use to facilitate the communication?


A.    A multi area link
B.    A multi area adjacency
C.    A virtual link
D.    A virtual private network

Answer: C

Which three statements are correct about the PIM output shown in the exhibit (Choose three)?


A.    R1 has the shortest path tree connection to the multicast source
B.    The joint request path me from the client at 192 168 35 2
C.    The RP is upstream from R1
D.    RP is the RP
E.    The multicast stream is flowing out of R1 THROUGH interface ge 0/0/10 0

Answer: ADE

Referring to the exhibit, all host A has authenticated using 802.1XB.
Which supplicant mode IS USED on the switch?


B.    Multiple
C.    Single
D.    Single-secure

Answer: C

You have certainly implemented the configuration shown in the exhibit. After committing these changes, the community devices connected to AS1 are not able to communicate with the appropriate community devices connected to AS2. What must be done to allow these community devices to communicate?

A.    You must configure an isolation VLAN ID under the pvlan 200 on the AS 2 switch
B.    You must configure the ge 0/0/10 interface as AS1 as the pvlan trunk
C.    You must configure an isolation VLAN ID under the pvlan 200 on both the switches
D.    You must configure the ge 0/012 interface on both switches as pvlan trunks

Answer: D

Which statement describes 802 1x supplicant single modes?

A.    802 1x supplicant single mode permit access for the first supplicant, all other applicants that connect to the port are allowed full access without further authentication
B.    802 1x supplicant single mode allows all supplicant to connect to the port,each supplicant is authenticated individually
C.    802 1x supplicant single mode permits access for a single supplicant,all other supplicants attempting to connect through the same port are denied access
D.    802 1x supplicant single mode allows only one supplicant to connect to the port,no other supplicant is allowed to connect until the first supplicant disconnects

Answer: A

The network administrator wants the ports on an EX series switch to allow both tagged and untagged frames to be forwarded. Tagged frames should be associated with their tagged VLAN, while untagged frames should be associated with a preconfigured VLAN. In this scenario, which statement is true?

A.    The interface port mode should be configured as mixed mode to allow both trunk and access port modes, untagged frames will belong to the default VLAN configured on that post
B.    An interface can be configured as an access port or a trunk port, but it cannot accept both tagged and untagged frames
C.    The interface port mode should be configured as an access port with a VLAN ID, frames tflSrenter the port with a VLAN tag already assigned will override the access port vlan id
D.    The interface port mode should be configured as a trunk port, untagged fra^^swill belong to the native Vlan id configured on that port

Answer: D

Which protocol is a multicast protocol?

A.    OSPF
B.    BGP
C.    PIM
D.    IS-IS

Answer: C

You manage your company’s enterprise network using EX series switches. Your company wants to use Q in Q tunneling to correct remote customer sites together, which statement is correct about the scenario?

A.    you must enable L2PT to tunnel layer 2 protocol traffic
B.    the outside layer 2 frame is popped by the penultimate switch
C.    customer traffic is tunneled through the network using the C-VLAN-ID
D.    the default Ethernet type value is 0x9100

Answer: A

Referring to the exhibit, OSPF is being used as the IGP and Area 1 is a standard OSPF area. USER 1 is sending traffic to server 1, which path will the traffic take?


A.    R1>R2>R4>R6>R3
B.    R1>R2>R4>R6>R5>R3
C.    R1>R3
D.    R1>R4>R6>R3

Answer: B

Which statement is correct about private VLANs?

A.    multiple private VLAN instances can be configured on a single switch
B.    you can configure only one private VLAN instances per switch
C.    private VLANs can only be implemented to span more than one switch
D.    a private VLAN instance must be implemented on a single switch

Answer: B

Which two statements about this scenario are correct? (choose two)

A.    the device is aware of all sources for the group
B.    the device is receiving the multicast stream using the shortest path free
C.    the forwarding path to the multicast source is through the RP
D.    the source of the group is unknown

Answer: CD

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