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In which two ways does SGSN detect and know when GGSN has restarted? (Choose two.)

A.    change in recovery value in echo response
B.    change in recovery value in PDU notification request from GGSN to SGSN
C.    change in recovery value in Update PDP Context Request from GGSN to SGSN
D.    when the sequence number in a response message is different from that of the request message
E.    when the TEID value in response in GTP header is different from that of the request message

Answer: AC

What two routing keys can be used to filter SS7 messages? (Choose two.)

A.    DPC
B.    DPC [+SSN]
C.    IMEI

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit. Which three Diameter AVPs are sent within the CCR-I request to the OCS? (Choose three.)


A.    Session-ID
B.    Used-Service-Unit
C.    Request-Service-Unit
D.    3GPP-Quota-Consumption-Time
E.    Subscription-ID
F.    Event-Trigger

Answer: ACE

Refer to the exhibit. The locally configured Diameter peer does not seem to be communicating with its remote peer. Which option describes the problem?


A.    Ports are not correctly configured.
B.    No common AVP was found during capabilities exchange procedure.
C.    The transport layer connection is not established.
D.    Diameter does not support TCP as a transport protocol.

Answer: C

In which two ways is GRE used in GGSN? (Choose two.)

A.    to transport the subscriber traffic between MS and GGSN
B.    to transport AAA packets between GGSN and the service provider RADIUS server
C.    to transport AAA packets between GGSN and the corporate RADIUS server
D.    to transport the enterprise subscriber packets to the corporate gateway
E.    to transport the enterprise subscriber packets to the Internet

Answer: CD

Which option describes how IPsec is used for L2TP configuration on GGSN?

A.    IPsec encapsulated data is sent over the L2TP tunnel.
B.    L2TP encapsulated data is sent over the IPsec tunnel.
C.    L2TP references IPsec for forwarding decisions.
D.    IPsec encapsulated data is sent between MS and GGSN, and data between LAC (GGSN) and LNS is sent via L2TP tunnel.

Answer: B

Which node is configured with a Network Mode of Operation value of 1 to be able to support combined attach and routing area update procedures?

A.    RNC
B.    GGSN
C.    S4-SGSN
D.    SIM
E.    HLR

Answer: A

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Which two options are functions of the Diameter base protocol? (Choose two.)

A.    offline billing
B.    policy control
C.    transporting CDRs
D.    streaming
E.    retrieving PDP context information

Answer: AB

Which option describes the advantage of using L2TP over IPsec versus IPsec only?

A.    L2TP improves performance.
B.    The overhead that is introduced is lower.
C.    L2TP can transport protocols other than IP.
D.    L2TP provides Layer 2 VPN functionality.

Answer: C

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