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For which type of products does it makes sense to do an availability check against forecast?

A.    Products for which enough independent demand is available to meet the customer demand.
B.    Bottleneck products.
C.    Products for which demand and production planning are strongly connected.
D.    Products with low demand.

Answer: A

What is the goal of the planning strategy ‘Planning with final assembly’?

A.    To execute the planning once a year
B.    To meet the requirements after creating a delivery
C.    To trigger the procurement for specific sales orders
D.    To trigger the provisioning without a specific sales order

Answer: D

What differentiates consumption based planned and demand-driven planned material?

A.    For consumption based planned material, the whole order quantity is always confirmed.
B.    For demand-driven planned material, the whole order quantity is always confirmed.
C.    For consumption based planned material, a production order is always created.
D.    For demand-driven planned material, a production order is always created.

Answer: A

What is the main goal of introducing the make-to-stock process?

A.    To enable planning for a long period
B.    To be independent from customers orders
C.    To be always able to deliver
D.    To have a high efficiency

Answer: C

Your customer has implemented a manual order-to-cash process. What is required to automate order creation and processing?

A.    Set up EDI input handling and automate background jobs.
B.    Implement a user exit and automate copy control.
C.    Set up EDI input handling and automate pricing.
D.    Automate background jobs and copy control.

Answer: A

How do you recommend reducing delivery delays in the supply chain to avoid increased cost and customer dissatisfaction?

A.    Improve the service level by increasing the safety stock.
B.    Introduce supplier and vendor managed inventory.
C.    Outsource component manufacturing to the suppliers.
D.    Increase stock monitoring through online ATP check.

Answer: B

What is a result of introducing EDI?

A.    Increased billing performance
B.    Increased data quality
C.    Increased reporting capabilities
D.    Increased delivery performance

Answer: B

A company asks for an automatic availability check for stock in different locations. Which SAP solution do you recommend that they introduce?

A.    ECC
B.    SCM
C.    CRM
D.    BI

Answer: B

Retrieving inbound delivery schedules for a scheduling agreement takes a very long time. What do you identify as possible reason for the low performance?

A.    The scheduling agreement has different items.
B.    The inbound delivery schedules are checked by ATP.
C.    The inbound delivery schedules have many items.
D.    The scheduling agreement still refers to a previously rejected scheduling agreement.

Answer: A

Today, companies have to act similarly to a bank and give credit to their customers. How can SAP Credit Management support this role?

A.    By doing online identification of bankrupt companies via standard connection to the commercial register
B.    By enabling online credit check at order, delivery, and goods issue for fast credit decisions
C.    By checking the reliability of the business partner during the order to cash process
D.    By checking online the revenue recognition of new customer prior to doing business with them

Answer: B

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